M-Audio – CTRL49 w/ VIP Integration

Andy Mac is over at Real World Studios and takes you through the CTRL49 with VIP Music Software integration. The CTRL49 is excellent for producers in studio environments, to really give you hands on control over all your VST plugins, and now your VST effects! All in one amazing controller keyboard.

For the past 20 years we have been making music using sound modules, the great thing about those days was the hands on approach. You would use the data wheel, and scroll through all your sounds, but as the computer got more powerful, we grew bigger libraries. The problem was you were confined to the mouse to find all these patches, and you’re dealing with thousands of sounds. The CTRL49 and VIP is an efficient way of managing all of your presets.

You can access and filter all of these different types of sounds very efficiently so you spend more time making music and less time browsing your sound sets.

How would you like to have all your instruments, all your plugins, all your effects right in front of you on the VIP and the CTRL49 screen?

You’re welcome!

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