Numerous works in this section were developed and performed within our media art collective dev01ded. Nowadays I keep the name as my alter ego for VJ’ing, light installations and the creation of artistic visuals for live entertainment and stages.

Check out the visuals on (pass for videos: “dev01dedpromo”).


up / routed (2010)

Plants’ roots must be buried in order to live while humans are only buried when they are dead or meant to die. We bury our fears and traumas deep inside ourselves hoping they will slowly disintegrate, but we end up rotting out from the inside. Physically routed to their own system of interactive video, sound, and light, dev01ded, embodying their fears, will be slowly buried within an hourglass of dirt and technology, and he who buries them further entrenching himself in fear.


imitate (2011)

Wading through waves, tangled in webs, penetrating our being, ever-present, but we don’t even flinch; information is the invisible architecture spanning vast spaces and time, restructured and recoded with every transmission and reception, on another wavelength, in a new format. As mediums invoking a live primitive signal, dev01ded corporealize and humanize a phantom frequency, transforming it psychically and physically, while instantaneously re-transmitting it in it’s most advanced streaming form yet.

dev01ded visuals

Formerly “media art collective” dev01ded became my alter ego for all VJ, visuals, lights and concepts for live entertainment. Head over to the official site

Note: Some videos have a minimalized backing track in it and not the actual song. The music in the stage visuals are not official. Most of the videos are low resolution renderings for preview purposes.

Video pass: dev01dedpromo